Looking to hire 30,000, Amazon plans nationwide job fairs

Sep 9, 2019

Amazon is looking to fill more than 30,000 vacant jobs by early next year, and is holding job fairs across the country next week to find candidates

Eco search engine sees surge in downloads as Amazon burns

Aug 28, 2019

Can you save the rainforest from your desk?

Detectives: 1994 technology slowed search for serial killer

Aug 21, 2019

Detectives who investigated a string of 1994 slayings committed by serial killer Gary Ray Bowles say they probably could have stopped him sooner if they had had today's technology

Ransomware attack hits more than 20 Texas local governments

Aug 20, 2019

Texas authorities say more than 20 local governments are facing a coordinated ransomware attack

No prison for British cyber expert in malware case

Jul 26, 2019

A British cybersecurity expert who admitted writing and selling malware was spared prison Friday by a judge who said the misconduct was far outweighed by his work helping stop a worldwide computer virus in 2017

AP Exclusive: New election systems use vulnerable software

Jul 13, 2019

AP Exclusive: States are buying 'new' election systems that will soon be running outdated software that makes it more vulnerable to hacking

Tech giants face questions on hate speech going into debates

Jun 26, 2019

Executives of Facebook, Google and Twitter faced questioning by a House panel Wednesday on their efforts to stanch terrorist content and viral misinformation on their social media platforms.

Apple previews new software as it diversifies beyond iPhones

Jun 3, 2019

Apple previews new software as it diversifies beyond iPhones

APNewsBreak: Schumer calls for probe of Chinese rail tech

May 19, 2019

APNewsBreak: The Senate's top Democrat wants an investigation into whether a plan for new subway cars in New York City designed by a Chinese state-owned company could pose a threat to national security

Google's privacy push gets a mixed reception

May 8, 2019

Google CEO Sundar Pichai kicked off the company's annual developer conference Tuesday with new privacy tools and updates to Google's artificially intelligent voice assistant

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