New Children's Book by Paolo Mazzucato Helps Children Confronting Loss During COVID-19 Health Crisis

Podcast Prompts Early Release

Los Angeles, Apr 7, 2020 ( - Summary: Author Paolo Mazzucato's new children's book, _A Most Curious Winter's Night_, will be released ahead of schedule after podcast interview links story's positive message with the current need to help children coping with loss.

Author and award-winning screenwriter, Paolo Mazzucato, tells the tale of A Most Curious Winter's Night in which a child, coping with the loss of a parent and a move to a new home, is welcomed into a dreamlike, winter fantasy by a magical snowman who reminds the child that no one truly melts away if we remember them. 

The link between the power of a child's imagination in facing issues of uncertainty and the growing need for comfort and reassurance during the current health crisis was raised during an author interview on the popular "Reading With Your Kids" podcast, an iHeartRadio Best Kids & Family Podcast Award Nominee. In response, the book will be made available earlier than planned in order to coincide with the airing of the podcast episode on April 15 at The hardcover, illustrated picture book will be available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other booksellers in addition to

While the book was written as a gentle reminder to young readers about the power of imagination and remembering loved ones, podcast creator, Jed Doherty, known as Jedlie to his audience, noted that the themes of coping with loss and change are especially pertinent now. Mazzucato, whose February 2019 Amazon Best-Selling children's book, No One Mocks a Panda, dealt with issues of diversity and acceptance, wrote A Most Curious Winter's Night with a nod to the classic children's stories he enjoyed as a child.

Mazzucato explains: "I loved reading stories to my children that had an element of bittersweet reality to them. For me, a book like The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams is both imaginative and realistic in its treatment of loss. A tear that gives way to an uplifting realization can be cathartic, and not just for a child. A Most Curious Winter's Night does that for me."

About Author

Paolo Mazzucato is an author, playwright and award-winning screenwriter. He is a graduate of Northwestern University and the University of Southern California and has scripted various projects for film and television. Mazzucato is the author/illustrator of the children's books Dream of the Rainbow Unicorn, No One Mocks a Panda and A Most Curious Winter's Night in addition to his middle-grade fantasy novel, The Gondoliers: The Secret Journals of Fanticulous Glim, a "recommended" read by the US Review of Books. More information available at

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