Fresh Start Home Sales Launches New Rent To Own Homes Program In Gwinnett County, GA

Aug 26, 2019

August 27, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Fresh Start Home Sales, a real estate company, recently announced the launch of a new rent to own home program in Gwinnett County, Georgia, available to all local residents who meet the company's minimum requirements. Through this initiative, the company seeks to offer the community an opportunity to acquire properties in some of the most coveted areas in the region. More information on this is available at the following link:

Fresh Start Home Sales states that their rent to own program was started in response to the hardships they noticed their community going through while trying to purchase a home. They claim that, despite the fact that residents overcame many other challenges to purchase a property, there were certain setbacks that derailed plans enough to make a purchase unlikely in the near future. The company’s rent to own program was then offered as a means to bypass such issues, giving individuals with a tainted credit score and a median income an opportunity to purchase the home of their dreams.

Fitz Thompson, a representative of Fresh Start Home Sales, says, "In an era where there are not a lot of opportunities to acquire a property, we provide Gwinnett County residents a unique opportunity to acquire real estate. We have different options available to fit all kinds of needs that our clients may have, in a variety of neighbourhoods located in some of the nicest areas of the county. This is a solution that addresses all of the common issues that homebuyers tend to encounter, and we hope to help many people through this program."

They offer potential new homeowners the opportunity to begin their rent to own program with a credit score as low as 585, and a combined household income of $75,000, which is much more accessible to individuals than a given bank's requirements for many home mortgage loans.

The company explains that their clients will get to rent the home of their dreams, with the exclusive right to buy from them at any given time, for up to five years. During this period, the house's tenants will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the neighbourhood and get to know the area that the house is located in, facilitating their purchase decision when the time comes. Additionally, this will also give them enough time to improve their credit score by a sizeable degree and increase their down payment. More information on the opportunities offered by Fresh Start Home Sales can be found at the following link:

"Once our program's time period has passed, our clients will be more qualified than before to get a home loan, to purchase the home they have been living in for the past couple of years," affirms Thompson. He adds, "There will be no more moving from rental to rental at the end of every contract, and no more new neighbourhood or commutes to get accustomed to. You'll finally be living in your own home, where you can settle down and start creating lasting memories in a neighbourhood your family will be proud to live in."

Renting to own properties has been proven to be a greater help to the individuals that participate in the program than any other avenue they may have pursued, as most of the program's participants find their ideal homes by the end of the program. It is due to this that renting to own is fast becoming the preferred choice for home buyers in the real estate market.

Interested parties may make further inquiries about the rent to own program offered by Fresh Start Home Sales by contacting Fitz Thompson. They may also connect with the company by following them on their official social media platforms. Furthermore, the online news website Digital Journal has recently published a press release on this program, which the company invites members of the community to read through at the following link:


For more information about Fresh Start Home Sales, contact the company here:

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