IO token is coming soon, leading the global credit value revolution

May 19, 2020

All economists will agree with "value is generated based on the flow of value."

There are many game platforms in the world, and each store has a variety of independent bonus credits or credit systems, which can be used to accumulate and exchange real items, such as tissues, skin care products, virtual treasures, electrical appliances, etc. Through the set corresponding standard, the feedback provided by the store to the customer can be anchored to the valuable items instead of just being used as a discount, and the probability of maintaining long-term consumption by the customer can be increased without affecting the consumption behavior. But as soon as these bonus points left their respective scenes, they immediately became worthless.
If these credits and bonuses can be circulated in various scenarios in the same token form, it will become a huge value for sharing and win-win. This will bring an unprecedented new perspective to the social economy. Through the token economy, a more efficient plan can be created in the business model.
International Credit Open Exchange(ICOE)

International Credit Open Exchange (ICOE for short) was established in 2015 in Buenos Aires, Argentina as an international value credits exchange institution. Recently, the layout of internationalization has been stepped up. Siam Paragon, the largest department store in Thailand, and Triumen Group, one of the largest third-party aggregate payment platforms in China, have all joined ICOE to actively participate in value credit businesses in Asia to expand growth credit exchange and exchange Demand. ICOE has formed a localized alliance organization in the relative field. It has a relatively mature credit exchange platform and merchant settlement system. It has 2,000 merchants with convertible credits in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The largest chain-operated casinos in Argentina, the largest duty-free shops, major airports and convenience stores in Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, North America, Europe and Asia all have extensive credit exchange cooperation with ICOE.
How IO tokens give ICOE new value
The IO token issued by ICOE is a digital asset whose price changes with the fluctuation of the average value credits in the total settlement system of the platform, and has various attributes such as the right of use, the right of income, saleable, convertible and exchangeability. The range of commodities and services beyond the traditional currency can be exchanged. Unlike the weak presence of the traditional credit system, the IO token can make anyone actively realize its value.

As an example of life, a person who buys a latte at Times Square in New York every day at work can accumulate credits that can be used to exchange for a local Brunch with credits in New York when he is on vacation in the Vatican. This kind of coverage of circulation value is the basis of the rights and interests of the token, and it is also the most widely used scenario. For people, the key to promoting usage habits is the individual ’s relevant right to benefit. When everyone ’s benefits do not conflict with each other and are based on the same exchange form, and are connected in a completely different life scenario, it will reflect the greatest value of IO token and ICOE platform.
ICOE will refer to the ERC-20 standard or the TRC-20 standard to design the preliminary token circulation and architecture plans, and use this plan to design the IO Wallet 1.0 system. The IO Wallet 2.0 system will operate around the complete IO Chain. The network adopts a one-way algorithm. Through the self-restraint of the encryption algorithm, any malicious deception of the system will be rejected and suppressed by other nodes without relying on the support and credit endorsement of the central authority. Participants do not need to trust anyone. As the number of participating nodes increases, the security of the system increases. At the same time, the data content can be fully disclosed. Each newly generated block advances strictly in a linear order according to time. The irreversibility of time leads to any attempt to invade and tamper with the data information in the IO Chain is easily traced, resulting in rejection by other nodes
IO tokens have diverse transformation advantages:
1. Amplify the demand of the credit system to the global level to solve the idle problem of traditional credits.
2. Increase and create value flow of credits and bonuses in the form of IO tokens.
3. Let the value of credits cross the boundaries of regions and industries, break the limitations of traditional credits, and eliminate the barriers that credits cannot be exchanged across industries.
4. Under the operation of the smart contract, the transaction is traceable, anonymous, and the validity and security of the anchor value are ensured.
5. Combining application implementation scenarios to achieve a new value ecosystem that is safe, efficient, low-cost, and universal.
ICOE combined with the IO token can be said to be a global innovation attempt. The credit union composed of countless merchants, individuals, and enterprises can complete large-scale business flow, consumption, and brand collaboration through independent coordination. The homogenization of the non-homogeneous credits system will really drive the ICOE system to form a regional circulation alliance and make large-scale global business collaboration a reality.
Success comes from unlimited, IO will lead a trend

The issuance of IO tokens will be launched in the near future. When the value conversion in modern society can be uniformly converted into general credits of ICOE and the price, income and rights are expressed in the form of IO digital tokens, which makes the whole value points system can have the characteristics of free circulation, free conversion, openness and transparency. This is also the basic reason why ICOE launched the platform token IO. The future property of freedom is an essential element of the irreversible change of value credits at the circulation level. In a sense, the blockchain is like practicing the fantasy pedals of the past, making many impossibles possible. Decentralization will be the theme around the world, and IO and ICOE will overturn the past value system and bring a whole new life scene to the world.



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